Pad Installation


1. Before installing pad on stock-sand flat hard backing so the pad will be flush against the stock, if not already done. Using original holes when possible lubricate screws before inserting into pads.

2. DO NOT try to grind this pad with a slow speed machine and wood -sanding belt. This will cause a heat buildup in the pad and cause a failure in the bond to back pull the gooey material.

3. To grind Gooey Pads use a silicone carbide 2" belt (or 12" disk) at high speed (3500 rpm).

4. Start with 50 or 80 grit, begin the finish phase with 120 grit, then polish the finish with 220 grit or higher. If you only have 1 belt or disk, 120 grit, it will work just fine. Hand finish with block and wet and dry 320.

5. Do NOT push the pad into the grinder - allow grinder to cut slowly. Allow the grinder to cut without using excessive force and USE cold water while grinding. This will take a little longer, but it will not tear or rip the pad. Grind clockwise one pass then cool in water ot spray water and then do it again.

6. Soapy water (watered down soap dish) or other lubricant (such as 409 in a spray bottle, Windex or WD40) should be used to lubricate and cool the material while grinding the last pass to give you a nice finish - light touch polish the gooey.

7. Because your Gooey Pad is a porous material, grease and dirt will stick to it To clean completely - remove pad and soak in warm water and soap. Rinse and allow to dry - then reinstall. For good protection use Gooey Finish - it keeps pads clean and stops dirt from sticking to them.

8. TIPS FOR LONGER USE Your Gooey Pad will wear excessively or tear the toe or heel if it drags on clothing during mounting. Think of it as an eraser. A straight in to the shoulder and straight -out mount will help it last longer.

9. Supergrit-(800) 822-4003 has just about anything you could want for abrasives.